Our dog, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix, seems untrainable, from house training to leash walking. We've tried taking him out in the back in a certain place, tell him to potty, potty, potty and praising him when he does anything. Yet he keeps doing it in the house! It's been a year and a half since we got him! At the moment, we can not afford a trainer. Also, he gets SO excited on walks and about meeting other dogs. He tugs on his leash and won't follow ME. How can you leash train a dog? One more problem. Everytime someone goes in and out the front door, he tries to run out. I'm worried because he might get run over or LOST! How can we break this habit? Thanks for any help you can give about ANY of these issues!

Asked by Member 1103337 on Mar 31st 2012 Tagged leashwalking, housetraining in Behavior & Training
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I have a staffie/jack russle and it took a long time to train.

House traing: when he poops or pees tell him bad boy and dont give him any attention for a minute or two and let him out to see where he should do his buisness.

Leash training: If your dog pulls on the leash tug him back and say no if he stops pulling and walks past the dog praise and give him a treat. Also if your dog chews the leash on a walk slight tap his nose just so he can feel it and say no.

The door issue: You could either distract him with a toy or lock him out the room you could also pick him up if he lets you.

hope it helps ;) Beth and Spike (-My dog)

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