Un-provoked biting of dogs and people.

I have an older dog (a schipperke) and we are currently caring for a family member's Parson Russell terrier. The PRT can be a very sweet dog, and knows and obeys many commands. However, he has bitten everyone in the house except for me.

There seems to be no pattern to the biting, and while he is completely submissive and calm after each event, it is very difficult to get him to unlatch his jaws. Today, we poured water over his head to force him off the older dog.

What can we do to avoid either injury to everyone in the house or having to put this otherwise healthy dog down? No other family member will watch him because of this behavior.

Asked by Member 1121194 on Jul 17th 2012 Tagged biting, aggressivepet, dogsitting in Aggression
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