Trying to teach a siberian husky "no" or "easy"

10wk old husky pup. She tries to play rough all the time. Both "No" and "Easy" have been recommended. She already knows basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Down and Paw, so I know she can learn No and Easy too. Any suggestions on how to teach her these commands?

Asked by Member 997170 on Jul 29th 2010 in Commands
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In order to learn a cue word, the dog has to have an action it relates to. In this case you want "no" or "easy" to mean "I don't like what you are doing and want it to stop." It's what happens after you say "no", that teaches the puppy.
Try this:
Puppies learn they have gone too far when you object, by either yipping like an injured litter-mate or saying a sharp "NO!" like Momma dog.
...Instantly stop playing with them for a minute or two.

This is how dogs deal with each other and it works well.

Pepper answered on 7/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


with rough play the only two things I do is either place a toy in their mouth and praise them or stop playing and place them in the crate for a nap or to settle down.
When they get rough I immediately become boring. I don't move and I don't talk to them.
You can try all those things or one of them.
I find the biting down of the toy and praising works the best at that age. They learn that they get nothing from me when they bite me but when they bite the toy they get verbal praise.
I use rubber kongs throughout puppy hood into about 3-4 yrs of age.
Alot of No commands are boring and repeative.
Giving the dog an alternative the toy to bite is the most useful tool I have ever found and I have had several large dogs.
Even with the phrase easy which I use for pulling, the dog might have to be much older.
The pup is biting out of natural needs and desires to chew and play like pups in the litter he was born in. :)

Dieta answered on 7/31/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer