training questions about 14-week old mini aussie puppy

First, she hasn't adjusted too well to crate training (although she has been getting better). She barks or cries for us to let her out when we are going to bed, and also pretty much any time we put her in there. When we're gone for the day, sometimes she'll spend hours barking. Any thought?

She chews everything, but we expected that. However, she seems to be ignoring us a lot of the time when we tell her "no" in a deep tone.

She really doesn't seem to like going on walks, and will either try to stay put or run back to the house. Sometimes we need to carry her a block away before she'll walk.

When meeting new people and dogs, she's usually shy at first and hides between our legs before coming out to say hi. She usually does this especially at the beginning of walks. Then, as we spend more time on the walk, the later dogs she sees she will usually bark at them and be rather stand-offish before going up to meet them. At puppy class, she was the only dog there barking at all the other ones and wouldn't give it a rest.

Asked by Member 1158096 on Mar 5th 2013 Tagged barking, aussie, walks in Behavior & Training
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