Too skinny female shepherd

Hi all!! I have a 2 year old female long haired shepherd who is scary skinny. She is 28 inches at the shoulder but only 65 lbs. You can feel all of her ribs and hip bones. Her coat is still glossy and she doesn't have any stool issues. I have had blood and fecal work done on her and both came back good. She eats Blue Buffalo Wilderness, though it is really hard to get her to eat her recommended daily amount. She is free fed. Any one else have this issue?

Asked by Member 1144271 on Dec 8th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Please post this on the health forum on this site. More people are there to help. What kind of blood tests did the vet do? Did they check her for EPI? Worms? Are you sure her stools are normal? How many times a day does she go? Is it loose? Even if they look normal, and she goes a lot evey day, then she isn't keeping the food in her long enough to get enough nourishment from the food. I wouldn't free feed her. I would feed her 2x a day. That way she is hungry and you can monitor what she eats better. Kali has an on going undiagnosed mal-absorbtion issue, which she's had all her life. But she had severe diarrhea off & on. We had to change her food several times and put her on Prozyme enzymes. They help her digest her food more efficiently. Maybe you can ask your vet about that. Please post on the health forum. No one can answer you back and forth here. Good Luck!

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Excellent advice/answer from Kali. Squ'mey also has had chronic issues with weight & diarrhea. I also use has made a huge difference.
You can try Satin Balls. There are a few good recipes on the main forum. Type satin balls into the *search box & see what comes up.

Member 904338 answered on 12/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would see your vet and listen to the reccomendations he/she gives you for your dog. Molly was weighed by her vet and she was overweight. The vet reccomended that we switch her dry food, and put some wet food over it to help her keep some bulk and not loose it all. I would reccomend switching her dry food to a reccomended dog food brand such as Kibbles and Bits because she may not like the food she is eating currently and pour different flavors of wet food over it. Continue to switch her dog foods if she does not like the food you put her on at first until you find a brand she likes. If she does not eat the wet food, do not continue to buy it and do not force feed it to her. If she vomits and here feces are not solid after letting her try the new food, switch her old food back, because the food was not the problem. If the vet refuses to see outside the box of her blood and fecal tests, see a different vet. Hope this helps!

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