To guest #7225401 I saw your answer on a question I posted up if you see this please send me your email

I liked your answer and I also have heard many good things from Lally's when my mother went to pick up our "Nanook" from their she said Suzanne was really friendly and knowledgeable she also guided my mom through the process of picking a puppy before Nanook was even born. If its possible please send me your e-mail because I was not able to obtain your email on your answer =( I also think its cool that your shiba came from Lally's hopefully we can be friends =). I recently visit Suzanne's and her kids were more than happy to greet us and let us to the puppies, Suzanne then came out and spoke to us about shibas and her cattle and told us they were building a kennel that was provided much more running room and space for her adults. Please email me asap =)

Asked by Member 1039935 on Jul 9th 2011 Tagged guest in Pup Pals
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