what are the best dog foods to feed a siberian husky and why?

Asked by Dakotah on May 8th 2011 in Food & Nutrition
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Vance CGC

There is no such thing as breed-specific food. All beings thrive eating whole, fresh foods. Since dogs are primarily meat-eaters, diets comprised of mostly meat are best for them.

Depending on the extreme you want to take that idea to, you could feed a raw diet of meat, bones, organs and maybe some veggies; a homecooked diet of meat, organs, and veggies; a canned dog food diet using products that are primarily meat; or a kibble diet using products that are primarily meat. Or any combination of the above.

I currently have 2 Huskies eating a raw diet, 1 eating a homecooked diet that helps his serious digestive issues. FWIW, I can say with certainty that kibble diets caused serious issues for all three of my dogs.

Whatever you feed, research is imperative either in teaching yourself how to balance a diet you make yourself, or in teaching yourself how to read packaging to pick good products.



Vance CGC answered on 5/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


different dogs do well on different things.
I have tried the raw diet, and had some success.

I have tried many kibbles and had little success.
Right now I am feeding EVO red meat and I am having huge success on it.

for my other dogs they seem to do well on raw and kibbles. But, I am trying not to select any with corn.
And for EVO I think I am having huge success as it is grain free. I am seeing that my dog's whole problem is grains.

My neice she has two huskies and she just had another litter. She feeds them Pacific, Taste of the Wild foods. she says it is the best food she has tried, but that might suit her dog but not all dogs.
I tried that name on my Boston Terrier once, I thought he would explode our house with gas from it. I never tried it since then. LOL>
Try some premium kibbles and see how your dog likes them is the best advice I can give.
good luck.

Dieta answered on 5/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Purina, for example uses horrible ingredients in their food. They use the cheapest ingredients in their foods. The first ingredient should always be meat, real meat. The first ingredient in Purina Beneful (for example) is ground yellow corn. You are better off feeding a better dog food. Take a close look at the ingredients - corn, whole wheat flour, animal fat, soy, water, rice flour, pearled barley, sugar, menadione, etc., let's just say that this food is one of the worst you can feed. Purina is exactly like feeding your dog a whole bottle of syrup and greasy McDonald's for every meal, except worse.

Check out these sites to learn more about dog food -

What's REALLY in pet food? -



Dog foods I highly recommend -

Solid Gold
Primal Pet Foods
Organix Dog Food
Holistic Selects
Honest Kitchen
Timberwolf Organics

Dog food companies such as Pedigree, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Bil Jac, Ol' Roy, Kibbles N' Bits, Royal Canine, Science Diet, etc., don't care what goes into their dog food. They use the lowest quality of ingredients in their pet food.

I feed Orijen to my dogs sometimes. I feed a Prey Model Raw Diet to my dogs and they do great on it, I've seen great results. I've never had a problem with Orijen, it's the best food for dogs and cats out there. Feeding a raw or a home cooked diet is also a great thing to do for your pet. Feed the best food to your pet. Here's the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum and Home Prepared Foods and Recipes Forum -



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I do agree with the others, the best food for your dog is one they eat and can hadle without problems. I feed my show dogs Nutro Ultra and they have very nice coats and are very active. Even my 16 year old still goes for a short walk with me several times a week

Seth answered on 5/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer