Tiny puppy under seat travel questions

Hi, I am planning on getting a tiny sheltie puppy that full grown will be no more than 12 - 13" tall at the shoulder. I am thinking about flying into the airport close to the breeder and picking the puppy up then flying home same day. My question is what should i take with me. it is a 6 hour flight or so each way with one stop each way. i was planning on some potty pads and i have a soft sided carrier that when my cat was a kitten i used, but now she prefers a hard sided one. i am also thinking of course, id tag, collar, leash, harness, water bowl, and blanket. Should i pack a food bowl and food? what about something to chew on? I have never flown with a dog before and have been bugging my husband about a second dog for a long time now. Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by Member 1034344 on Oct 5th 2012 in Air Travel
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