Three year old female sheltie with incontinence and behavioral issues. We need advice on fixing these habits.

Not sure what to do with our 3 year old female sheltie with urinary issues. Our dog has had what seems like incontinence issues since she was a puppy to the point that we did a lot of diagnostic work to determine if there was an internal reason for it. Unfortunately those tests were not conclusive and we are still left scratching our heads. After that work was done we took her off her Proin since we weren't seeing any results. Since then it seems like she dribbles or puddles when she forgets to go to the bathroom when she goes outside. When we let her out she gets distracted, jump on the door (even if it is first thing in the morning), and barks excessively. Since she forgets, she either dribbles in the house or will wake us up at 3am to be let out. Any suggestions on how to get her to go to the bathroom every time? Also, any advice on how to stop her from jumping on the door when we let her out we would greatly appreciate it.

Asked by Member 1157974 on Mar 4th 2013 Tagged urinaryincontinence, distracted, neurotic, sheltie in Behavior & Training
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Instead of closing the door on her outside, go out with your dog. Play in the yard, run from one end to the other and take her on atleast two leash walks during the day to get everything moving. My dog will not deal with going out alone for more than a minute and I'd found taking the time to bond outside gets them relaxed enough to pause and to their business while we're out. Start at every three hours; exercise and then take a little break to see if she'll go. Never scold her for going, even in the house. Instead, use a good urine remover when she goes inside and get very excited and happy when she goes outside, saying something like 'good pee~! good pee~!' with a little pet on the head, maybe even treats. You may have her going on command after a few weeks, saying 'pee or go pee' in a happy voice after some play. She isn't forgetting to go, leaving her outside alone might be making her anxious and insecure so she isn't thinking about going at all.

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