thinking of getting a transylvanian hound, would love feedback from owners with younger children, i have a 4 and 9yr old

Asked by Member 1000905 on Aug 17th 2010 in Breeds S-Z
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Transylvanian Hounds are better for older children. They are intelligent, loving and they learn well, but aren't neccesarily good with younger kids. If you trust both of your kids with the dog, and they have learned about the dog, then it would be okay. Make sure the kids are supervised at all times when they are with the dog. Transylvanian Hounds are rather large, and can easily knock a small kid down.

I would actually reccomend getting this breed. Take a look at this link: Its probably a better idea to get different dog breed that is good with younger children, or wait until your kids are a older.

Good luck!

Buckeye answered on 8/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I owned one many years ago when my son was a baby. They are wonderful dogs, very intellegent, easily trianed and they are great guard dogs. They aren't attack dogs, but will scare the dickens out of someone approaching your yard.

With this being said, since they are so intelligent, leaving them alone until they are trained, can be tricky. They need exercise, alot of attention as to not get bored because if allowed to get bored they are destructive. This is true with many larger breeds though.

They are super loyal and will protect their owners and property, and they learn quickly what is their property, including the kids.

This breed needs to be part of the family in a forever home, as they will grieve if they become attached then sent away.

Training your kids to have respect for this dog as well as any other dog will help the dog bond with the children as well.

Do some reasearch on the web. Lots of great information. They are wonderful dogs. Good luck!!

Hector answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer