the runs and vomiting??

ok the new puppy that we brought home today from the shelter, is vomiting and haveing diarahha.... he is approx 3 months old. up to date on shots was nutered about 2 or 3 weeks ago. He was ok then we brought him home and he had mushy poop, then runny poop (twice), and he vomited 3 times in a row, and it was very thick. Im going to try to get him to the vet tomorrow but i dont know if they will be able to get us in... any thoughts??

Asked by buster on Sep 27th 2007 in Other Health & Wellness
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The puppy may be nervous in his new home, which could definitely cause the diarrhea. Did you feed him anything? A change in diet from what the shelter was feeding could cause both diarrhea and vomiting from stomach upset.

I would certainly suggest taking him to the vet, but you may also want to call the shelter and ask if he had either of these symptoms while at the shelter as well.

Try keeping him quiet for the night, and be sure to check him for dehydration(gently pinch the skin on the back of the neck and lift then release it. If it bounces right back he is well hydrated, if it stays at a peak and goes down slowly he is dehydrated). Hope he is feeling better soon.

Baxter answered on Sep 27th.

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Diarrhea is not a disease, but a symptom. Everybody has diarrhea at least once in their lifetime, and frequent short bouts are common. The same goes for dogs, it's not that big of deal. If the diarrhea becomes persistent and lasts for longer than a few days, this can be serious. In this case, it is best to visit the veterinarian.

Bring a recent sample of the stool to your veterinarian. If you've recently used any sort of chemicals around the home, bring a sample of these to your veterinarian too.

Veterinarians see cases of diarrhea all the time. But, chronic cases of diarrhea are not that easy to solve. Diarrhea can be a sign or a minor or serious disorder, easily treated to deadly. Diseases that cause dehydration are the number one killer of mammals! Once the diarrhea has lasted for more than a day or two, it is time to get serious!

Vets will ask you questions and do tests. First off, your vet will just need to know the basics of your dog. Breed, sex, age, and situation.

Member 506464 answered on 9/27/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

The Black Seattle Pack

Whenever you bring a new puppy home, whether from a breeder, rescue or shelter, you should take him to the vet within a couple days for a "well puppy" exam or health exam. We have fostered dogs from the pound, and they almost always have something. Or last one had kennel cough. Puppies are extremely susceptible to Parvo. There are tons of canine diseases in shelters. Parvo vaccines should be given at intervals until around 20 weeks old. Since your puppy is only 12 weeks, he hasn't had all the parvo vaccine. Vomiting and diarrhea are main symptoms of Parvo (Parvovirus). Please get him to the vet ASAP, and if your regular vet can't see you, find someone who will. We hope it isn't Parvo, but if it is,it can be deadly in puppies.
Some links with information about Parvo


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Try giving him some cooked white rice, or adding some to his food.

You're right to call the vet in the morning, even if he's better. If the vet doesn't want to see him, get a new vet! This is a big deal for puppies to be sick like this.

Puppies are very sensitive and diarrhea can be a very severe, life threatening condition for puppies.

Puppies are very much like human babies and they can go from bad to worse VERY quickly when it comes to vomiting or the runs. Dehydration takes place quickly in young puppies, even sometimes after three runny poops in a row, or less than 24 hours!

It could be that your new pup has worms or an intestinal problem, or he could be adjusting to new water and food (new food should be introduced over a period of time to avoid these symptoms.)

However, you'll want to rule out parvo.

I know this is stressful; you've just brought home this guy and here he is sick... Hang in there and congrats on adopting from the shelter!

Jack answered on 9/27/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I adopted a dog from the local shelter prior to Harley, he was up to date on shots, brought him home, 1 week later he ended up with PARVO. Get that baby to the vet....yes I saved Aries...he ended up costing me $3500.00

Harley answered on 9/28/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I brought home my pup from the shelter around 4, and by 9pm she was vomiting and had very runny diarhea every fifteen minutes. The shelter told me to call them if this happened, but no one answered my calls. Parvo, a very fast acting virus will kill the dog, and I couldn't bear to watch her die, so I took her to an emergency room over the night and a vet the next morning. They were positive it was parvo. She's a mutt (twice as good of chance of surviving parvo than a pure bread) and survived and now has very little wrong with her. But if you are in anyway attached to this dog, I would seek out health care or professional health advice immediately, especially if the vomit turns thin and white (that would mean it's vomiting acid). Other signs of parvo would be not drinking or eating, skin becomes very dehydrated, and the dog becomes lathargic.

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