The anti corn trend...?

There is so much talk now about "good" dog foods that I'm not even sure what to believe anymore. Grain free and raw seem to be the new trend at the moment, but since I am going to be doing therapy work with my dog she cannot eat raw food and as far as grain free I talked to an animal nutritionist who told me grain free wasn't any better than grain. I asked, can corn really be that bad? She said no, there is no solid evidence stating that corn is bad if your dog has no intolerance. She had a point: Dogs are NOT wolves and have developed over hundreds of years to eat humans' scraps and thus dogs have evolved so they are able to digest grains properly. I currently feed grain free Taste of the Wild but I feel I am getting ripped off. My dog's sister eats Pedigree and her coat is better than my dog's, she has more energy than my dog, she only poops twice a day like my dog. I guess my point is, are Iams, Pedigree, and Purina truly so awful or is this just an anti corn trend?

Asked by Jackie on Jan 16th 2014 Tagged corn, raw, grainfree, iams, pedigree, purina, nutrition in Pet Food
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