Tearing out his fur. What to do?

Incessant scratching with my cavalier. Always scratched but now he's getting bald spots. He's three yrs old. What to do? He is a one owner dog that is he attaches to one person. He is very shy and doesn't like to get too close to even his favorite person. He won't come and sit in my lap at all. Is it allergy related, food, grass, nervousness. Could I try something to calm him. I don't want to make him lethargic. He does follow me around wherever I go in the house. Going for a walk, he scratches more than ever. Is there training that would help? Our vet says we could have him tested for allergies. The breeder can't figure it out. Groomer thinks its nerves. We have tried to get foods that would not present allergy symptoms. His skin looks fine.

Asked by Member 1123763 on Aug 2nd 2012 in Alternative Treatments
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Has he been tested for SM? Syringomyelia is very common in KCCS, unfortunately. One of the symptoms is incessant scratching..sometimes in the air, but more likely at the base of the head..due to the EXTREME PAIN the animal is suffering. Given his breed, I would really grill my breeder about his genetics. Were parents tested & cleared? I really hope this is not what the issue is, but I would definitely want it ruled out.
Beyond that, allergies are a distinct possibility. Try an elimination diet..get him on a limited ingredient food, or home cook for him so you can rule out various proteins or grains. Many dogs show vast improvement with allergies when fed a raw diet.
Good must be frustrating for you both.

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