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Tear stains : Do any of you use Fish Zole ??? From Pet nurse Marie....

I don't use Angel Eyes because it is Very costly and a long - term Low grade Antibiotic...
Here is some info on Fish Zole -
Do you use it??????
TEAR stains - Metronidazole ( 2 weeks ) and NuVET Plus - NO VET needed for this:
If the eyes are red or swollen : PLEASE see a " VET " - Thanks
I will tell you what helped my Maltese and cured her of some tear stains. We never did the Angel eyes for very long , because it is a long term low grade antibiotic. I don't mind any antibiotic short term. We used Fish Zole which is the same thing the vet will sell you...Here is the link to Revival Health...
www.revivalanimal.com *** also - I give one Wafer NuVET-
www.nuvet.com ( look for the 60 count of NuVET wafers NuVET Plus - a 60 count could last you 4 months. Some Maltese dogs just take 1/2 wafer per day...

Asked by Miss Priss on Apr 9th 2009 Tagged fishzole tearstains angel eyes tearstains nuvet tear stains in Food & Nutrition
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