Swimming Collar - Plastic or metal buckle (quicksnap type)?

I'm getting a dog that loves to swim and dive and I'm planning to buy a secound collar just for swimming.
I don't like chains and belt buckle type collars (bad experience)
What option is better for a quick snap type buckle for almost daily (every secound day) use as a swimming collar: the plastic ones or the metal stuff?

Thanks! :)

Asked by Member 1031287 on Mar 27th 2012 Tagged swimming, collars, buckle, plastic, metal, quicksnap in Collars & Leashes
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Bruno CGC

I like plastic ones better because they're not heavy, and they don't rust or corrode. That could be a problem if you're taking your dog in the ocean. More brands are available with plastic buckles, and they tend to be cheaper. Lupine collars are great, they have a lifetime unconditional guarantee, so if it breaks for any reason they'll replace it.

Martingale (limited slip) collars are also an option- no buckles of any kind involved. They cannot tighten enough to actually choke a dog either (unlike chain collars.)

Bruno CGC answered on 3/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer