suggestions for training a 7wk old to use "soft mouth"

I have had Harley for about a week and am not sure the best way to teach him soft mouth, he chews feet and ankles when people walk through the house and bites on our hands when petting him

Asked by Harley on Sep 9th 2013 Tagged puppy, rough, chews in Behavior & Training
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It all depends on what method works for him (or combination of methods). Most puppies outgrow that annoying mouthiness before they're 2, some always keep it, and some never get mouthy at all.

The ultimate thing is timing. Do not pet Harley unless he's calm. Petting means "good boy, keep doing that" in his mind. If you try petting while he's snotty, you're telling him to keep being a booger. If he bites, give a firm "No!" And take your hand away immediately. Another way to do it is to always keep a toy in your other hand... If he's getting mouthy, shove the toy in his mouth. One last method for hand-biting is to simply fold your arms, turn around, and completely ignore him until he's calm.

It's hard to explain methods without actually seeing him. Basically, don't give up, keep calm, and keep in charge.

Shasta answered on 9/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer