Strange behavior with treats

I have had Oswald [AKC Chinese Crested PowderPuff} about 6 months.She said he was kennel kept for 5yrs. He had been with her for 3 months, but we will be celebrating our 6 month anniversary. He started growling & barking when we come in from outside.. He runs to where he left his treat[s]. If I try to pet or give kisses he snarls and reluctantly give me kisses back but he is stiff or tense. Is this some type of food aggression? He is the only pet in the home. Also any idea how to get the AKC paperwork in my name? She refuses to give them to me, called me a puppy-mill and threatened to come take my dog. Thanks any help is appreciated.

Asked by Oswald on Sep 4th 2014 in Breeds C-F
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So, you pretty much have no idea what this dog has been through. This is a question better posted in the forum, because people will be able to respond in greater detail. I'd hold off on the kissing for a while, since you're seeing some aggression. Also I'd google resource guarding to learn more and, if you have one, consult a behaviorist.

Libby answered on 9/6/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer