start a dogster blog

i like to start a dogster blog to talk about dogs in general and how dogs on dogster have been doing and offer support for dogster and catster.

Asked by Member 1128738 on Sep 1st 2012 Tagged dogbones in Blogs
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The first thing would be to open a Dogster account. There is a Dogster magazine, & several blogs already. If you want to contribute something, contact HQ.
A hint..Dogsters are generally a very dog savvy bunch. We want meat n potatoes blogs..not your run of the mill stuff. Saying something like "BSL is Bad" or "Walk Your Dog" without adding some new perspective, or citing sources that are reputable, will not gain you a huge following.
The main forums page already offers support on a vast array of topics. Perhaps cruise around the entire Dogster site to help give yourself a better idea what Dogster is all about.

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i just want to talk about dogs and cats and things going on dogster,and catster.

Member 1129413 answered on 9/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer