soft dog poop

I work a 3 yr.old "Super Hyper" GSD BomB Dog. He has constant Soft Stools, never been firm. My Vet and I have tried Prozyme,Chineese Herbs, different foods to no avail. He is on Royal Canin Proscribed Diet. Gobbles-up all the food, feed him twice daily 2 1/2 cups per serving. Blood work is normal. Is this problem Mental or Physical? Is there anything else to try or test for? Oh Yeah, Hair loss is heavy, not Bald or patchy and dog is super skinny. No weight loss, or bones showing, hair is shinny, teeth and eyes are bright. Is Soft Poop Normal?

Asked by Member 630305 on May 7th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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No, this is not normal, though GSDs are more prone to it. Royal Canin is one of the companies involved in a class action suit for using diseased animals and euthanized pets from shelters and vet offices, plus hooves and etc in their food. Nothing I want to feed my dog. Lily had colitis and IBS last year. We went through months of diarrhea. In looking for food for her, I found that Canidae recommends a 1 meat formula for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Canidae Chicken & Rice has done wonders for her. Because it is high calorie, you feed less. A 75 pound dog would get 3 cups total. Less food, less poo. I would be concerned about the rice hulls in the Royal Canin for a dog with a problem. I also used Petcillin or K-P anti diarrheal liquid ocassionally. It has just clay and pectin - no chemicals. Helped a lot. Do not use human kaopectate. Now Lily is 50% raw fed and her stools are once a day and firm. What a difference. You can pmail me with questions. As usual, I am running out of space.

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I have a dog that has had some similar problems and I put him on Nutro Chicken/Oatmeal for sensitive stomachs.I also mix in a little of the W/D Science Hill Prescription Diet.The W/D is really a weight loss food, but it is high in fiber.Sometimes dogs need more fiber in their diet to absorb the water and get firmer stools. I mix in 1/4 cup of the W/D to 3/4 cup of the Nutro and have good results. Dogs stools really should not be soft. Have you wormed him? Usually a first step. I'm sure your vet has thought of that. This food combo works really well for my dog. There is also a website called Go to the supplement section and try to order some of the supplements for GI support. A little expensive but worth it. It sounds to me like he isn't absorbing enough nutrients and that is why he is skinny and having hair loss. The food is basically going right through him. My dog does much better on a lower protein higher fiber food. This combo of food helped coat and weight

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Many German Shepherds are known for having sensitive stomachs and they can also be quite prone to having food allergies.

Has your vet run an allergy panel?

Based on your description of hair loss, being skinny, and having soft poops, my guess would be that this is food related. Royal Canin is not the worst quality dog food, but it isn't a very high quality food, either.

I would try to rule out any obvious food allergies with the allergy panel, but you may want to also consider switching to a grain-free food or maybe even the raw diet if it is possible for you to feed raw in the scope of your duties.

A quality grain-free kibble is Merrick's new "BG" (before grains) line of foods. It does include potato, so make sure to rule out allergies to potatoes. You may also want to consider supplementing with fish / flax / borage oil capsules for healthy skin and coat, vitamin E and probiotics to help with the associated issues.

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My GSD is only 4.5 months old but it has been quite the adventure trying to find a food that she will eat more than 2 cups a day of. Dakota too is somewhat skinny compared to her litter mates as well as according to the vet. She's not emaciated or anything just thinner than the rest. We had her on Royal Canin as well and had tried several other brands before settling on Canidae mixed with an all natural fish and vegetable wet food - I think it is called Holistic Naturals. Dakota is now eating the recommended 4 cups a day and is putting on noticeable weight and the stools are now solid and formed. Dakota too was bright, energetic, shiny hair, white teeth totally healthy....just picky, thinner than what we thought was normal and the poo....I've been told from a very trustworthy source of information that GSDs do have "finicky" stomachs and it may take trial and error to find what works...stay away from foods with too many fillers...humans can't digest corn, neither can your dog!!!

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