Skin full of welts and swelling face! Help!

Hello! I noticed my Boxer's full of welts on his skin and his face is slightly swollen. I went to my front yard and noticed some pieces of my Aloe Vera plant on the ground. Sometimes she eats the plant, I was searching on the internet and found that aloe vera can be bad for the dogs. So, my question is: This welts and the swelling on his face can be caused by eating the Aloe Vera? Thanks in advance!

Asked by Member 1185815 on Aug 16th 2013 Tagged allergie, aloevera, eating in Allergies
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Tasha (in memory)

Move the aloe plant!! Some plants, like poinsettias at the holidays, can be fatal to pets. Keep your dog on a leash or watch him when he is outside. There are lists of plants that are harmful to pets, and you might have a few of them growing nearby and not know it. Dermasol is a good topical for healing. After a couple of days, if the swelling does not go down and/or your dog is in obvious discomfort, take him to the vet for a visit... better safe than sorry. Who knows what else he could have ingested while being by himself in a garden, and it could be pesticides and not the plants alone causing a reaction. ^_^

Tasha (in memory) answered on 8/28/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer