Sid it hurt my female and male dogs when they were "tied" and pulled apart?

We have 2 peek-a-poo's and our female peek-a-poo is in her 2nd heat ( 1 year old). We've been very good about keeping a diaper on her and it's been working very well. We went to the store and my son let her outside to potty and he forgot to put a diaper back on her. When we arrived back home, they we're "tied" together. Not being sure of what to do? We put them both under cool water to seperate them. We did do some pulling :( and it worked after a few minutes, but we're now afraid that we hurt them? My first thought is to take them both to our vet ASAP to have them checked out. We should, right? We do plan on breeding them later. Just not yet. Thanks for your advice.

Asked by Member 1142180 on Nov 25th 2012 Tagged heat, tied, hurt, pullingapart, breeding, pregnant in Answers
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Of course it hurts them to be pulled apart!!! The male has a gland that swells to keep the tie and any force removing him from the female is extremely painful...I am surprised you didn't get bitten!!! Male dogs also have a bone in their penis and this bone can be broken, which is a serious problem!
Obviously, you are not prepared to be handling breeding dogs... please get these dogs fixed and leave breeding to professionals who know what they are doing.
Our animal shelters are filled to the brim with mixed breeds (AND purebreds) and they are being killed every day for want of a home, PLEASE do not add any more dogs to these numbers!!!!
She is MUCH too young to be a mother! She most likely will require a C-section (around $1500 average) and if you are lucky, she will be mature enough to raise the pups on her own. Please consider spaying her RIGHT NOW!
Also, a diaper is in no way considered birth control and a determined male will quickly get around it to breed. He now knows how

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Yes. Hopefully you didn't do permanent damage. Please take them to the vet. While you're at it, you should consider having one or both altered. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem--there are literally millions of pets in US shelters.

A neighborhood dog tried to break in my house to get to my dog when she was in heat--tried to remove the siding and climb in the window. A diaper doesn't present much of an obstacle. You will need to educate yourself ALOT before you'll be able to safely and competently raise a litter of pups. I urge you to please reconsider.

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Take them to the vet and get her spayed and him neutered. No need to make more mutts for the shelters. Leave the breeding to professionals who know what they are doing.

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