Sick Greyhound , chronic tummy problems. Ultrasound or Prednisone?

I have a 10 old greyhound. She has lost a lot of weight, chronic diarrhea . After blood work the vet thinks its really colitis or stomach cancer. We have been trying other meds for the diarrhea , nothing has really worked. She is in good spirits and seem to be felling well other wise. She is eating ok about 1 cup of dry and wet mix 3 times per day. The vet wants to do an ultrasound to look for the cancer and/or put her on Prednisone for the colitis. Though he said we should do the ultrasound 1st to rule out cancer before putting her through the Predinisone treatment as it would not do any good if its cancer, in her condition all we could do is make her comfortable and deal with the symptoms . We are slightly concerned about the cost, mostly the dependability of the ultrasound, will the find the cancer? Should we try the Prednisone 1st? Is Prednisone hard on dogs?

Asked by Member 737571 on Sep 16th 2008 Tagged health, food in Health & Wellness
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It sounds like you are feeding her a lot of food. 3 cups a day plus wet food. What food are you feeding? Making her overweight is only going to make this problems worse. Especially if you do put her on Prednisone. Prednisone is usually the first try in any condition. At my vet ultrasounds are not that expensive, have you gotten an estimate about these procedures?

I would change foods and put her on a high quality dog food. 3 cups a day plus wet food is a lot. My only guess is you are feeding a low quality grocery store food and will make the weight she does gain unhealthy with corn and by-products, could be part of the diarrhea. Avoid Science Diet...bad stuff.

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(JD) M's Wrong Dog FCh, RE, JC

I work in retired greyhound adoption. We recommend people feed their greyhounds 2 cups of food twice a day so 3 cups a day is low. Some need quite a bit more.

We do see some bad reactions to prednisone. Extreme weightloss and muscle wasting. Drinking lots of water and having lots of pee accidents. Greyhounds just don't seem to handle it as well as some other breeds.

Susan Stack is a vet that specializes in greyhounds and has some wonderful info on her website:
" Fecals are often negative, especially for whipworms.
If a greyhound has had diarrhea ever since he came off the track, de-worm with Panacur before doing further diagnostics. Don't have the $1,000 case of whipworms."

Another thing very common in greyhounds - the LOUD rumbling tummy at night followed by throwing up, diarrhea and gas the next day. To fix that feed when you first hear the rumbling tummy at night. Just a few bites of anything. The upset tummy is gone right away and the dog is fine in the morning.

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You should do the ultrasound first because you definitely don't want to wait to start treating the cancer. Ask about a payment plan for the ultrasound if money is a problem.If nothing shows up, put her on the Prednisone. If the vet recommends it, I'm sure Prednisone is fine for dogs, but remember that she may have a bad reaction to it. If your vet uses anesthesia for the ultrasound, be sure he knows that Greyhounds need a lower dosage than other dogs their size.

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