Should puppy be allowed outdoors before second set of shots?

my little nine week old puppy has been here almost 3 days now. he seems healthy and happy. And we have a vet appt tomorrow morning. But he hasn't been eating much at all. I have given him the food the breeder gave- royal canin small breed puppy. They said they free fed them because the pups were together for a while. yesterday he was totally keen on his treats, and peanut butter in his cong. Now he has not eaten all day. Well I tried a piece of apple, which he did chew on. Licked some peanut butter. Took him to the pet shop and they gave him some wet food with gravy (holistic) and he licked that up a lot. But then he puked it all out after the car ride. he also had his first accident on the rug before that and there was yellow bile looking stuff in there. I'm really nervous. Anyone know if these are dangerous signs?

Asked by Solace on Jul 27th 2008 Tagged newpuppy, noteating, yellowstool in Other Food & Nutrition
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I agree that you should not let a pup that young down on the ground at high traffic "doggy" areas. However, puppies need a lot of socialization with different people, places, and friendly dogs that you know to be healthy and vaccinated in order to grow into well adjusted adult dogs. Otherwise, you may end up with a shy/fearful adult, which can in turn cause fear based aggression. You'll have to use your best judgement to balance his health with his need for socialization. It is NOT in his best interest to shelter him too much during this sensitive period when he needs socialization most. He is a small breed, so you have the advantage of being able to carry him around with you many places, safely off the ground.

Puking in the car could be car sickness if you fed him just before the ride, and lack of appetite could be all the treats he ate. However, it's a good idea to get his stool checked for worms, or their eggs/larvae anyway. And ask your vet how much he should eat daily.

answered on Jul 28th.

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When you go to the vets, have them check for whipworms - they take a while to notice in exams since they live so deep in the intestinal tract, but my employee's boxer had them and my mother in law's westie puppy...and they had explosive diarrhea or would go in the house and it would look the way you described your puppy's - also did not eat alot. Totally treatable and puppy will be fine...I give my dogs yogurt on their food, they love the taste on their kibble and it keeps their stomachs calm. Hope puppy feels better soon!!!

Zulu answered on 7/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Please don't let your puppy down to wander around pet stores, dog parks or even the vets office. Parvo is a highly contagious disease and can be anywhere for months. Its ok to take your little one out but ask people to not touch him until he has all his shots. Its possible for your little one to get a tummy upset just from the stress of leaving his mom and siblings. Your vet will be a big help. Good Luck.

Roxie answered on 7/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer