Should I leave my six month old puppy in the kennel at night along with during the day while I work?

I work full time, four to five days a week...8 hours a day.
I am wondering if I should let him sleep with me at night, and put him in the kennel during the day while I'm at work..I can not trust him yet to be left in the home alone.
I want the kennel to become his safe spot, but don't want to leave him in there too long.
I am wondering if it is okay to let him sleep with me, then feed him, take him on a walk and then put him in the kennel while I'm at work.
OR if I should go the opposite route....have him sleep in the kennel, and worry the whole time I leave him out at home.
He is pottytrained, just loves to chew stuff up ONLY when I, or others are not around.
Please please please!!!!!!!!!! Help :):):)

Asked by Simba on Jun 28th 2012 Tagged chewing, crate, kennel, sleep, behavior, training in Crate Training
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I let my last 4 puppies sleep with me until they moved out to live with the other show dogs. I know it is not a popular thing to do. But my turned out fine and also gave us some bonding time together.

Seth answered on 6/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It is always nice to crate train your dog. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping while their owner is away, unless they are not suffering from separation anxiety. So it is alright if you kennel your dog while you are away, it will make him obedient. Make sure you spend few hours with him everyday, so that he doesnt feel alone. Play or take him for a walk each day.

Member 1107927 answered on 6/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Personally I have always (with one exception) kenneled my dog while I'm away from home, but let them sleep with me/wherever they want at night. We did that with Chase from the get go at 10 months, and my friend's Australian Shepherd puppy has been out of the crate at night since 4.5 months and she's doing just fine!
And often if I get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, Chase is sleeping in her crate anyway haha

Chase answered on 6/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

Ya know, it's entirely up to you. Crating dogs is rare in many places, it's even illegal in some such as Finland (weird, right?) and people still manage to raise well-adjusted, well-trained puppies without it.

The main reasons people use crates at home are:
A) to prevent house-soiling and destructive behavior when dog is unsupervised
B) to keep dogs from fighting each other ("crate and rotate")
C) to accustom a dog to being crated for future travel (especially show and working dogs that travel in crates a lot)

If none of these things are a concern for you at night... then why crate? I would do what feels right to you.

Bruno CGC answered on 6/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer