Should I have my puppy neutered?

I've been thinking, there's no reason he should. Where I live, there aren't really any stray dogs roaming around on the streets and my puppy doesn't go after females. I heard it can help hyper dogs calm down more as my puppy is filled with lots of energy especially around people, but I guess that's just his personality. I mean what's the point? He, at the moment is 4 months old.

Asked by Beldon on Aug 16th 2011 Tagged neuter, puppy in Health & Safety
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I do recommend spaying and neutering your animals. You don't have to do it since it is up to you, though. However, once a male dog scents a female in heat he will do ANYTHING to get to that female dog. Yes, spaying/neutering your dog suppose to calm them down but does NOT change their personality whatsoever. He IS just a puppy but when he gets older and more mature he may go after female dogs. Not all male dogs will go after female dogs.

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you should still get him neutered he is still real young when he gets older he will go after female's he will try to run off and roam looking for females males can smell a female in heat miles away and will drive him nuts he will start to mark and will try to fight with other males. And males that have not been neutered have a higher chance of geting cancer.He will live longer if he is neutered.

Lexie answered on 8/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I neuter my pet dogs because I prefer them neutered, but I would like to disagree with the previous two answers.
Because I show and breed, I have both neutered and unneutered males living in my home and I would challenge ANYONE to tell the difference by their actions. NOT ONE of my males go nuts when we have females in heat IN THE SAME house OR in our boarding kennel next door.
They are trained to behave and that behavior includes not running away and not marking inside.
All my males are kept together, whether neutered or not, and they do not fight. Since I do not want unplanned breedings and/or puppies, I keep either my unneutered males OR my in heat females safely confined in chain link runs in our boarding kennel. If we are boarding unneutered males these dogs DO NOT go nuts, they do not act any different than the neutered ones.
In fact, my absolutely WORSE dog for marking in my house is my toy poodle who was neutered at 8 weeks of age. The unneutered boys NEVER mark inside.

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Pay Pay

If you don't have him neutered most all adult males that have not been fixed have a real strong musky skunk like smell to them even a bath want help it.

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You should not if you do not wan't to expect any Puppies. My pup is not because I would actullay be delighted if my Kasey pup would have puppies. If you do want puppies I only recoomend this if you are experienced with breeding (I am so this is why I am prepared). Hope this helps!

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Bruno CGC

Ch. Luke's answer is the best- but I have something to add:
Your pup is still a baby! He hasn't even hit puberty, so no wonder he hasn't noticed the girls yet! You might think differently when he does.

Also, if you ever go to dogparks or take him out with other dogs, a lot of dogs will not leave intact males alone! It can be a real pain. Not saying that's enough reason to neuter your dog, but something to think about.

If you have ANY doubts about your ability to train and CONTAIN an intact male so he can't sire puppies, I would get him neutered, simply for peace of mind. (But not yet, he's too young.)

Bruno CGC answered on 8/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I don't agree with Chi-Lu at all.If you're not a breeder neuter him.Why frustrate your dog.Yea, with allot of special facilities and a little luck you'll be okay with a pack of males and females.Good luck.A stud and a neuter having the same temperament,give me a break.You've got an real good and trained pack.
Do yourself and your dog a favor,neuter him,flat out he'll live longer

patches answered on 8/18/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Consider his beginnings and get him neutered....

He and his siblings were dumped and might have died if they hadn't been found. He's the result of careless owners not getting their dogs spayed/neutered.

As he is male, he could run off and get lost for days if he's on the scent of a female in heat. You will never know if his puppies get dumped, or drowned....
Don't make the same mistake.

BTW - How big is he now? How much does he weigh? Post some new photos. He's cute and I love to see puppies grow up!

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If it were me, I'd have him spayed, particularly if Beldon is pet-quality (meaning he doesn't have champion bloodlines that you would breed). He's a little guy now, but in a couple of months he will scent his first female in estrus and then, like any other adolescent of any species, all he'll think about is mating. Before Libby was spayed, dogs camped outside of my house in the rain when she was in season. One tried to climb into my house through the window, ruining the siding by clawing at it all night. Crazy, but true.

If you peruse or any other rescue/shelter website, you'll find literally thousands of unwanted pets. Those are just the ADOPTABLE pets; there are thousands more pets that are deemed not adoptable (due to untreated medical conditions, age, or disposition issues) and immediately euthanized. Leaving Beldon "in tact," could potentially add to those sad numbers. It's affordable, responsible, and easier than finding homes for 6-12 puppies he may sire.

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I spay and neuter all my animal because then the can not go having babies on me

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