Should i get a companion for my Aussie?

I have a 2 year old, 30 pound, Aussie ( Austrailian Shepard) that was attacked a couple months after his first birthday by an about 80 pound dog. Prior to this he was very friendly and extremely playful with all people, and most dogs. After the attack he is very timid and scared when he first meets people (Barking, Growling) We've taken him to obedience classes twice now but it doesnt seem to help. This is because once he meets strangers and smells them he is friendly and playful again to the point where he doesnt want to stop playing with the human. However he is reserved to which dogs he will socialize with. I take him to the beach and have never had any problems with him fighting other dogs, just domanince or he stays away. However I'm wonder how to correct this timid behaviour, I was considering getting a second dog and if it would benifit him. He is also highly energetic as he is an Aussie but my family and i are often gone for long hours of the day so I thought a companion would

Asked by Toby on Oct 29th 2011 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Yes, please that might help. At petco they have training and it works, also it helps socialize the dog. NOTE: take your time finding a dog, it dog that is shy and sweet like your dog maybe to much hyperness or too much dominance might not work.

One breed i recommend is since he is really big i would get a Standard Poodle really good dog's
I have a toy poodle and is also a great dog, and Poodles are good with kids,dogs and everything eles look at them online!!!

Romeo answered on 10/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer