Shih Tzu has lump on his eyelid but can't afford surgery. Any suggestions?

My Shih Tzu Oreo has a lump/cyst on his eyelid. It looks like a pimple. The vet suggested he have surgery to remove it to prevent any eye problems. So far she said it has not bothered his eye sight. In these hard time's there's no way I can afford this on my own. She told me it would cost around $900. Does anyone know what I can do? Are there any places I can take him that would cost less?

Asked by Oreo on Apr 14th 2010 Tagged oreo, shihtzu in Health & Wellness
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You say it looks like a pimple? My oldest dog Hector has one on the lining of his eye. It is really just a skin tag. It will have to be removed, but my vet told me to just wait till I need to bring him in for dental cleaning. It would only cost about 50 bucks to have it removed, as he would already be under anethestisia for the dental cleaning.

My problem is that he isn't even beginning to look like he needs dental cleaning. His teeth are nice and healthy and the vet say's they look great everytime I bring him in.

The tag is getting bigger and it will just be a matter of time that he will have to have it removed because it will eventually start irritating him.

Maybe you could get a second opinion. If its a lump, or real cyst, then I suppose it could be more costly, but if it is a skin tag, it shouldn't cost that much to remove, and will only need to be done when it starts giving him trouble.

So check with one more vet to see what he/she says about it.

Good luck

Hector answered on 4/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


costs vary vet to vet.
that is a good suggestion. a second opinion.
also if it is growing then that is a problem. You don't want it to keep growing and then become a very big painful thing for your dog.
I would check out a second opinion that is also alot of money for something on the top of the skin. The eye area is a delicate area and they should be very skilled at it.

Dieta answered on 4/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


unless the lump grows i would not worry about it. shih tzus are known for skin tags which look like pimples and hardley ever get taken off unless they are bothersome to the animal or they continually get hit and bleed. but once again, thats just a bothersome issue. it can cause eye problems only if it grows bigger.

Member 981480 answered on 4/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Max (aka Sebastian)

I would also suggest a 2nd opinon, because if the surgery is really needed to prevent further eye problems, then this surgery will be cheaper then if any eye problems start and a more extensive surgery/treatment is needed.
Do you live near a university that teachs vet medicine by any chance? If so, see if you can take Oreo there, they can offer specialized treatment and often cheaper treatment since they would be teaching during the surgery.
Good luck.

Max (aka Sebastian) answered on 4/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer