senior pet, very itchy, excessive shedding, recurrent ear infection, pooping inside the house

Gucci is 11.5 year old mixed breed, not neutered, but regularly vaccinated. He never had any major problems with health. been very active; always pooped or peed outside the house and informing us that he had to go out - whatever time of the day or night. During fireworks festival, he could even hold for 2 days. now, we notice him pooping inside the house. hind legs are little shaky, has recurrent ear infection for almost a year now. he got allergic to a shampoo, shed most of the fur in his back, but they grew back after medicines. of late he is shedding a lot. we can see the inner pink colour skin of his neck (hardly a few strands of fur there), shed all the hair in his abdomen also. is scratching himself non-stop; ears have lost hair too; smell a little but no discharge. does not let us bathe him. does not take any medicines orally or any cream. quite active now. is it time to let go of him? it hurts to think that way, but i do not want him to suffer. i love him he is my brother

Asked by Gucci on Aug 26th 2010 Tagged excessiveshedding, itchy, recurrentearinfection, poopinginsidethehouse, seniorpet in Skin Problems
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No. Take him to the vet to get evaluated. He is probably very uncomfortable due to ear infections, older bones, and probably a skin infection.

That dog needs to see a vet to be treated, not to be put to sleep.

Member 999261 answered on 8/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A Senior dog should have two annual checkups per year at least
You need to have the vet address his ear first that is too much reoccuring ear infections. Some thing is wrong
Second issue to address his his skin and fur falling out as that is not normal for a senior dog also.
Dogs get old, but what you are describing is a lack of finding out what is causing it.
There has to be a cause for everything in life.
You bathe him everyday but until his skin and coat are addressed by a licensed vet you won't see improvements.
good luck hope he gets back on track.

Dieta answered on 8/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer