Seizures in older dogs?

One of my boyfriend's mom's dogs (a jack russel mix) had a seizure yesterday evening (she hasn't seen a vet as the siezure was short and they wanted her to rest). She's just turned 15 and has never really shown signs of being epileptic before now. However, recently two more dogs were added to the household (for a total of five dogs!) and I worry it has something to do with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my boyfriend and I are rather worried about such an old girl. :(

Asked by Member 795608 on Feb 28th 2011 Tagged seizure, senior, olderdog, medical in Senior Pet
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Usually seizures happening in senior dogs usually result in a neurological problem. There are 2 kinds of seizures. Non-epileptic seizures and Epileptic Seizures. The causes of Non-epileptic seizures usually are: Brain tumors, Hydrocephalus, Hypoglycemia, Cushings Disease, Diabetes, Porto-Systemic Shunt. A vet visit is HIGHLY recommeneded. As the vet can tell you what is causing the seizures and what the options for the seizures are. Usually vets will give you a daily medication to keep the seizures under control. I had a 18 yr old pug who start getting seizures. But we had to put her down because the vet didn't think the medication would help her.

here is a link for more info about the seizures in canines: www.canine

Jazzy answered on Mar 1st.

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A vet check is the best thing to do right now. It is more then likely something simple that can be treated and the dog can live a long time after this happened. I do wish you the best and hope all is well

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