Sedatives for my dog?

Okay so we are moving into a temporary home until we move to Bev. Hills. We told our realtor guy that we only have 2 dogs. We have 5. I am not worried about the amount of dogs, but one of them..Sparky, is hyper as HECK! My parents told me that when the realtor comes over to see the dogs, we are having to give Sparky a sedative, or we have to get rid of him. Sparky is my life. I would never even remotely DREAM of giving him up. Is it true the sedative only lasts for a little bit? I don't want Sparky to calm down, I don't want him to lose his personality, and I am just having anxiety. Will he lose his personality with the sedative forever?

Asked by Sparky on Mar 28th 2010 Tagged doghypersedativeanxiety in Other Behavior & Training
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Why don't you have someone take Sparky for a long walk while the realtor is at the house? That way he won't even be an issue. If realtor makes a surprise visit later just tell him you are dog sitting Sparky. I am against medicating dogs or people for no good reason.

Member 904338 answered on 3/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I don't think that giving him a sedative will permanently change his personality, but I have to agree that it makes much more sense to me to take him for a walk when the realtor is around.

I don't think sedatives are really the answer here. They shouldn't really be given unless they are absolutely necessary.

I know this wasn't part of your question, but I'm a bit concerned about your parents lying about the number of dogs you are going to have at what is apparently a temporary rental property. This sort of thing rarely goes well.

The maximum amount of dogs in one residence in Los Angeles county is three. My concern would be that the lie would easily be found out and then you'd have a much worse problem than sedatives to worry about. Please ask them to think this through.

Jack answered on 3/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with the above posters. Just take Sparky out for awhile! :D

Maverick answered on 3/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would have to say instead of medicating your dog and possibly making him sick just take the dogs all out. Nobody likes to look at a house with dogs.
While most people do have dogs they just don't like to have others jumping and barking about.
I use to take all 4 of mine out of the house each time we had a showing. It was work but so worth it.

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Hi, Sparky

I heard that you can only have three dogs in Beverly Hills. But, it does depend on how much property you live on. If you live in a big back yard, lets say 2+ acres, then you can own more dogs. If you live on a huge farm, you can own a lot of dogs.

How many acres are you moving to?

I know you can get a license if you own a kennel, or you have a lot of dogs. If all those dogs aren't aloud on the property, then get a license.

Usually, if your dogs' don't bark a lot, no one will ever notice. Mostly, people pay more attention to the barking.

You can also look at your local animal laws. See what they say about owning all 5 dogs.

Try giving him calming medicine if he is too hyper. Try exercising him a lot that day, so it will tire him out.

Can your parents or anyone else watch the dogs while you move into this home?

Good luck! Paw-mail me for anymore info!

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You know, people like you are the reason so many landlords will not allow pets in their apartments!! I can't believe that you think you can actually hide dogs from the realtor!!! I can't believe you actually LIED to the realtor and told him you only had two dogs. And, using a major prescription drug like a sedative on a dog just so you can "hide" him from the realtor is way, way beyond reprehensible... it is downright cruel and extremely dangerous!!!
Just how are you planning to hide three dogs, anyway??
You ask if this sedative will change his personality forever... well, depending on what you give him, it can kill him. Sedatives are not something you just pop into a dog in order to hide it... dogs who have sedatives need to be monitored to make sure they are breathing correctly, their heart rate continues to be normal and they can maintain their body temperature. I cannot believe you vet is going along with this plan either. You are getting this from your vet, aren't you??

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Hurricane Jack

Toto, Calm down, Re-read the question. The kids PARENTS are doing this. So why jump down their throat? Sometimes I really hate how everyone assumes the worst and get all uptight and mean when answering questions. I mean isnt the point of being able to ask questions on here is to LEARN and not get belittled just because they dont already know.
And to Sparky, I hope this moving thing goes well. Sedatives will not change his personality forever, just while they are in his system. He may be alot calmer or he may be sleepy. Ive even seen dogs on sedatives that were perfectly normal because they just didnt effect the dog. I think he will be fine. And good luck!

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