Samoyed puppy, and his (typical) Samoyed idiosyncrasies: Advice?

Luka is an almost 7-week-old Samoyed puppy, and he came into my life last Wednesday.

By and large, he's an incredible little fella! However, I'm having some trouble breaking some of his undesirable behaviors:

1. Velcro Dog. Louie cries when I shower, cries when I put him in his crate to go to bed, cries when he's eating breakfast and can't see me while I make mine (literally-- he cries, as he eats). Normally, I'd let him cry it out, but that's not fair to my roommate and neighbors. I let him fall asleep in my bed with me, and then move him into his crate once he's asleep.

2. He's not even 7 weeks and already "marks" in the house. I can tell a difference in size between "accidents" and "marking" pretty easily.

3. If I miss the window of opportunity to get him to bed, he gets hyper and grumpy. He acts like a whiny toddler and I have to swaddle him in a blanket and walk him around my room to get him to fall asleep.

4. Talking. It's a sammy thing. But he's so mouthy!

Asked by Member 1195616 on Oct 22nd 2013 Tagged samoyed, barking, cratetraining, marking, separationanxiety in Puppies
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Tasha (in memory)

To answer by number: 1) You are creating the problem by doing anything to stop the puppy noise instead of training him properly. It's like giving a screaming child a toy every time they yell. You are reinforcing his crying this way. Train him, and explain to whomever asks that there will be an adjustment period. Do you want him howling to get in your bed at 60 pounds?? 2) Use pee pads to train him to mark in acceptable places. Then throw the pads out. His bladder is too small for complete potty training at this point, so take him to a class where you can learn some skills. 3) He's just a baby and shouldn't have been taken from his mother until nine weeks. Why do you have a dog like this in a crate?? 4) "Mouthiness" is a puppy thing. Teach the dog basic commands like no, leave it, stay and come... it's not too late to start. Babying him now (at the imprinting phase) will create a very fluffy giant who does not listen when he's a teenager, who will howl to get what he wants.

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