Roscoe is a 6 month American Cocker Spaniel. He was almost fully housebroken at 3 months. We moved down to Az Nov 6.

About Dec 10, he started peeing in the house, completely emptying his bladder (once right after a 2 mile hike.) It's hard to spot him doing this as he doesn't lift his leg. The only thing that has changed in routine is that we are feeding him twice a day now instead of 3 times. He eats Darwin raw dogfood and I know there is a lot of liquid in it. Other than this he is energetic, playful and wants to please.

Asked by Member 1128911 on Dec 9th 2012 Tagged housetraining in Puppies
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If he's still a puppy, I don't know if he is 3 months old now or you just said he was almost housebroken at 3 months and is now ? old. That being said, puppies have accidents and sometimes you have to "remind" them about housebreaking. If you recently moved he may not know "Where to go" in this new place, puppies are like babies they don't know much which is why we train. I suggest you take a step backwards and remind him of his housebreaking. When he goes outside where you want him to give him LOTS of praise and a treat. Moving can be stressful for anyone including a puppy. Sounds like he is pretty healthy otherwise. The feeding shouldn't effect anything. Sounds to me that he's forgotten his manners and needs a refresher course. My mini Australian Shep. had a lapse like that too and we had to help him remember that OUTSIDE is where potty goes. Consider teaching him to ring a bell to let you know he needs to go outside. They have videos on youtube, I taught my pup at 4 months.

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