Returned a rescued dog and regretting it. Should I try to get it back?

Hello - My entire life I have had a phobia for dogs. I can now be around dogs as long as the owner provides some guarantee that the dog will not attack or bite me. My current partner is a dog lover and has had dogs her entire life. This past weekend she convinced me to adopt a rescued doxie. My partner immediately bonded with the dog and I did my best to pet, feed, walk, etc the dog to also form a bond. However, within 72 horus of having the dog in our home she barked and growled at me four times, which really scared me. I did not feel comfortable in my home and could not walk past the dog without fear. I know it is my behavior triggering the dogs reactions and I tried to curb my fear. However, after the dog started growling at me we decided to give it back. The problem is that we're both heart broken now and feel very bad. I don't know if the rescue org would approve us again after giving her back. Any advice you have would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1165725 on Apr 18th 2013 in Adoption & Rescue
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Donovan Rest in Peace

The rescue organization would have some hard questions for you about why you turned the dog in and why you want it back. Hearing that you are heart broken without the dog will help. They probably will give you the dog back. You will have to work on relaxing with the dog. Try cuddling on the couch with her. Petting her and touching her face will help you overcome your fear. No jerky movements especially around her face. If you can think of her as a small, furry person that may help. She is after all a small furry person. I could go on for hours but mostly it's inundating yourself with the dog that will get you over your fear. Become a dog psychologist for this one dog find out what makes her tick and you will not fear her. Good luck! Go and get that dog!

Donovan Rest in Peace answered on 5/16/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Dachshunds in general can be a cautious breed, so matched up with a cautious person, of course they're going to feel as insecure around you as you are around them.

Not sure if the rescue would be willing to give you another chance, but explain your situation to them and see if they could allow another trial run and maybe help guide both you and the dog with the expected acclimations that will occur to become a quality and happy family.

Roxy answered on 5/29/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer