Regarding puppies in general and Border Collie puppies in particular, is there any advice on Males versus Females?

Asked by Member 969585 on Mar 3rd 2010 Tagged maleversusfemale, behavior, comparisons, advice in Border Collie
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This is a topic that is still widely debated by breeders and owners alike, but the common experience seems to be that males of most (if not all) breeds tend to be more people-dogs and want to be with you 24/7, while females tend to be more independent. This certainly isn't the case with every dog, but more often than not it is what you will find.

answered on Mar 4th.

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I don't know much about Borders except they are a herding dog with lots of energy.
We have a breed specific forum if you want to ask a border owner.
I prefer females in some breeds and in some males.
Males are cheaper to neuter then a female is to spay. You might want to consider the price of that other then that I don't know what else specifically to say. I guess it is a matter of choice.
I think some females are smarter then males. I don't know it is up to you.

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