Re: Puppy nipping - am I doing this right?

Thank you to those who posted answers to my previous "Coton" housetraining question. Here's another one...when I play with her (9 wks old) she sometimes nips at me...not terribly hard but I feel her teeth. I don't want her to do this. The vet told me to stick my thumb in her mouth and press with my hand below her jaw until she stops. I also yelp. If she is so worked up she continues I put her in her crate, cover it and she whimpers for maybe one minute and then I let her out after she is quiet for several minutes. This usually does the trick...but I worry I will make her hate her crate and she does so well in it at night. I have read to leave the room but I don't want to do this as I am working on housetraining her.
I prepared so well (I thought) for a puppy and now at times I feel like I don't know a thing. Please send me suggestions and hugs!!!!! LOL

Asked by Member 1072540 on Dec 27th 2011 in Puppies
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The thumb trick is what i used with my puppy, it took me doing it several times but in the end he quit nipping me

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Sadly, most vets are not trainers! Using any type of force like the thumb trick is going to make her fear you and/or hands, NOT something you want to happen!
I use the time out trick. NONE of my dog have ever developed fear or reluctance to use their crate with this technique.
Do the yelp first, then turn away. If she continues and is too excited a few minutes in the crate works best. When she comes back out, make sure you give her an acceptable chew toy.
ALL puppies go thru this biting stage. If you are right on top of it, use the all play stops when she gets wound up time out, and substitute appropriate chew toys it will pass MUCH QUICKER.
I have always found the put her in her crate method MUCH easier than leaving the room... like you, I found they would quickly switch their attention to something WORSE, like chewing a chair leg or, as you mentioned, peeing somewhere!!!
She will grow up and you will look back on this Puppy time with fond memories!!!

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Well usually its just because they are excited and nervous, like my border collie dottie, my dad plays with her on his bed and she nips at his hands, like he will put his hand under the blanket move it around and she will bite at them and occasionally (shes only done this when we first got her) bite us but now shes 3 years old (in human years which makes her 21 in dog years) my dog clifford (not my choice on naming him he became my dog when i was 4) bites at me sometimes dogs just get overly excited and they just cant do anything but lick or nip at you to express how happy and loveing they are for you, I'm sure your an excellent owner and your doing everything right, just try olding her muzzle shut for a few seconds and say "Noo Noo dont bite/nip" in a deep but not too deep and not too loud voice and when she stops give her a treat and keep doing this and she will learn to stop.If this continues I suggest you get a dog trainer or you become one because the muzzle trick always works!!!!

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Samwise (RB 7-21-2012)

I agree with Toto about substituting a toy for your hand or leg. I have also taken away my hands whenever I've had a puppy and he's used me as a chew toy. All play stops when I get chewed on.
You have to get everyone that plays with Coton on board with any discipline in order to make it work.

Good luck!
Samwise's mommy

Samwise (RB 7-21-2012) answered on 12/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree woith toto and samwise. Try toy substitution and again, when i get bitten, all fun stopsmthat second.

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I recommend this free download of a wonderful training book by Ian Dunbar.

Before you get your puppy
and After you get your puppy

It should answer most of your questions but if you have any other problems feel free to ask us!

(P.S I simply adore Cotons! My mom has one and my sister has 2! They are super pups :D )

Obi answered on 12/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer