Lucy Ribeiro

Question in regards to a service animal!

For one I will say this I have a licensed service dog for PTSD and have been going to my religious building for a while. With whom they have not allowed dogs in for a long time but because my girl is licensed service animal and has excellent behaviour they allow her in no problems which is great. Now another couple had a dog and wanted to know how they get it licensed and a perscritpion for the dog. I first made sure they had a actual disability requiring a service animal which they do and then they got a trainer to train the dog to assist them with that. However I told them probably best to bring him in once he gets a vest and those tags, just makes it easier. So they waited and got the tags.

Once they did they began entering just like I have and havent gotten a problem from the people in the building. However when I go into this religious place there is grass and kids play on it all day and all and roll around. Out of respect to the center I personally dont allow my dog onto the gra

Asked by Lucy Ribeiro on Aug 13th 2013 in Other Laws & Legislation
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You got cut off. Please repost your question. I will. Remind you that you DO NOT require any type of certification, licence, or tags for your SD to be legit. Those online places are a total scam

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