Puppy tries to drink own urine...?

My 5-week-old puppy will sometimes try to lap up his own urine puddles after going on the floor. He doesn't do it every time, most of the time he just walks away. He always has clean water available, and will find it on his own and drink from it so I can't imagine he is desperately thirsty. Any ideas?

**Sorry if question is a repeat, I couldn't find anything similar. And yes, he is a rescue - Could this be the result of being separated from his mother?


Asked by Member 602803 on Mar 6th 2008 Tagged urine, puppy, pee, puddles, drink in Behavior & Training
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Poor baby is so young!

At 5 weeks, I doubt this has to do with a physical issue, but is probably just a behavioral one.

My theory is that he simply is too young to undertand where the interesting smelling water is suddenly appearing from and is curious. LOL.

Sadly, it could be a result of him being separated too soon. Mama dogs really teach so much to their babies and she would probably be helping show him how to do things. He's basically at a huge disadvantage without her guidance.

Having said all that, I don't really think this is anything to worry too much about. Urine comes out of the body sterile, so even if he gets a bit of it, it isn't the same as when dogs eat their own feces.

I really do think this will stop the further you get with housetraining. He'll probably be more trainable in a few weeks since he's so young, now.

Congrats on your new puppy...he's lucky to have you!

Jack answered on Mar 7th.

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Not 100% sure about this one but I had a similar problem with Lennox eating his poo. Turns out it was not a deficiency in his diet or anything. He wanted to control his environment and he knew he'd get in trouble for pottying on the floor. So, for some reason he would eat it. Odin also eats other dogs' poo. I notice that male dogs will lap a female's urine (especially if she's in heat) but you shouldn't be having that problem in a pup. It might be something in his diet that is making his urine seem tasty or you could be having the same problem with the trying to be in control of his environment. I'd ask my vet if there is anything medical that can contribute to it, once that's ruled out, you are probably dealing with an environment issue...and although I don't think a 5 wk old pup should be separated from it's mother, it shouldn't be the problem for his issue. At least I've never heard of a dog having this type of issue over being separated too young. Good luck!

Lennox answered on 3/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Not sure if its the same situation, but my one chihuahua, Roxie, was very difficult with house breaking once I got my second chi. She still even has some moments now, since my other chi has had 2 surgeries recently and needs a lot of personal attention, Roxie gets jealous and rebels and will pee on the kitchen or bathroom floor. Thankfully its never carpet buttt nonetheless if we start to walk in on her right after she peed she tries to lap it up really quickly as if she realize she did something wrong and trying to hide it. Of course no scientific proof as to if thats really why shes doing it. But with how cleany dogs naturally are I honestly do think that Roxie is just trying to clean up the mess she made. She never tries to eat her own poo or lick at her urine when its on the pad or outside, only when she has an accident.

Not sure if that helps but just thought I'd share my situation just incase!

Roxie answered on 3/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer