Puppy on Wellness with soft stool. Is it the food or allergy?

Our 4 month old puppy has solid stool when she first starts going to the bathroom, then it get's very soft and thin, almost diarrhea. She is on wellness supermix puppy, we tried wellness core, and the Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice puppy that she was on. The stool seemed more normal on Diamond. Could she have an allergy to something in the food, or could it be the food, or is this normal for a puppy? I hate to switch her food again. But she does not seem to be outgrowing the issue.

Asked by Mabel on Jun 10th 2013 Tagged wellness, wellnesssupermix, wellnesscore, diamond, puppy, stool, allergy, food in Food & Nutrition
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Most often when the beginning of a stool is normal and then it gets mushy it is due to over feeding the puppy or feeding a food that is too rich. When they eat too much or it is too rich, the gut is unable to process the food fast enough and the result is too much liquid in the stool.
Try feeding less per meal, if it is due to too much food her stool with harden within 24 hours.
At her age allergy is extremely unlikely since allergies normally develop after long term exposure to the allergen and she isn't old enough to have had long term exposure to ANY kibble.
You don't say how often you are feeding her... it is helpful to feed three or four smaller meals per day rather than one or two large ones...that way her system has less food to process at one time and the stool will likely be more consistent.
Over feeding puppies is a common problem. Everyone wants to see a rolly polly puppy but in reality, she should not have a round belly, even after eating.

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Tasha (in memory)

We have always had great luck on Nutro. Tasha recommends Nutro Natural Choice Puppy lamb & rice formula in the green bag. It is a naturally limited ingredient formula that is guaranteed to improve skin and coat or your money back. In fact, Tasha eats the large breed puppy cans to help her maintain her figure! Try a bag and gradually wean it in to what she is eating to minimize stomach upset. Her stool should firm up within two weeks. If not, ask the vet about her stools when you bring her in for her next set of puppy shots! ^_^

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