Puppy barking at everyone and every thing

My 7month old puppy barks at everyone and everything outside of the house, the vets seems to think its a nervous bark. We really need help because although she is a lovely pup in the house and plays happily with myself, my husband, our 3 children and also our 3 cats but because she is a big German Shepard for her age especially being a bitch she absolutely frightens people to death and we need to stop it ASAP.......any ideas, hints or tips would be great because she really is a lovely dog?

Asked by Member 1133814 on Oct 2nd 2012 Tagged barking, occasionalgrowling, socialising, help in Barking
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A chronic barker is a real headache. Most dogs have no clue as to whether barking is something good or something bad. In order to help your dog know your rules, teach him what they are. Here is a good rule to start with: Barking is OK until the dog is told to "Stop Barking." Think of "Stop Barking" as an obedience command rather that simply an unpredictable reprimand. Each time your dog barks, after two or three woofs, praise her for sounding the alarm. Then tell her, "Stop Barking." Simultaneously, waggle an especially tasty food treat in front of her nose.

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