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Pug Puppy has the shakes.

My best friend just acquired a 6 week old pug puppy. She shakes in her sleep. Is this normal?

Asked by ♥CoCo Chanel♥ - on Dec 29th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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First, six weeks is too young to be away from her mother and litter mates.

Most of the time, state and local laws dictate that breeders cannot sell puppies younger than 8 weeks old. So, IF your friend bought this dog, she needs to return it to the breeder for a couple of weeks. The dog's health and socialization depends on it. She should also report the breeder.

As for the shaking, it can be a number of things. If it only happens during sleep, she could be cold, dreaming or it could be an involuntary twitch. Ask your friend if she's shaking or twitching.

She could also have a reaction to any shots she's had recently, either with the breeder or your friend's personal vet.

If it happens while she is awake, she can have a condition called White Shaker syndrome. It's a central nervous system disorder that is called that because it usually happens in small white dogs, but can happen in any dog.

Again, that shaking would be happening during the day, too. :)

Jack answered on Dec 29th.

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My Tiffy has done this a couple of times before and it scared the beejeezy's out of me. But I realized it wasn't anything serious. She would be in her crate and her legs would just start trembling. I would wake her up and she would be fine. I think she was just having bad dreams. I have bought this up to the vet and she said that it is ok and nothing to be worried about.

♥Tiffy♥ answered on 12/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


As mentioned above, that is way too young to be taken away. It could be detrimental to the growth and development of the puppy. If the puppy is awake and it happens, look to see if the puppy seems "out of it". Some small dogs are prone to hyperglycemia, which is low blood sugar. If this is the problem, then it needs to be taken to the vet ASAP.

Chances are though that it is either cold or dreaming. GL!

~*Meili*~ answered on 12/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer