Pug had trouble with her Poop Habits in Crate.

I have a 3 year old Pug. I noticed few problem with my Pug. When my husband and I left our dogs alone at home in their crate while we are going to grocery shopping or visit our family. After we do our shopping, visiting and do something outside house. We came home and first thing I smell was poop. I wondered who pooped. I checked on my dogs (we also have 6 year old Bichon Frise) and my Pug pooped anywhere in her crate! She ate some of her own poop because vet told me that she thinks her poop tastes like treats. I was like, Oh my goodness. NO! That's gross. She does that almost often. I'm tired and sick of that when she does that. ALMOST OFTEN! Every day I'm tired of cleaning her mess. We love her as we do but when she poops in her crate. That's disappointing and nasty! I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and I do not want to do that cleaning forever until my last trimester. If my baby born, I do not want to clean this nasty stuff. How can I change her bad habit?

Asked by Akasha on Jun 19th 2014 Tagged pug, poop, crate, nasty, mess, disappointing, badhabit in Dogs and a Clean Home
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How long have you been leaving your dog on her crate? Dogs should never be crated and left alone for more than for hours otherwise, they would suffer from depression and separation anxiety. Eating poop can be associated with depression and should be properly addressed. In the meantime, clean her crate well with enzyme based cleaners to completely remove the smell and avoid your dog marking on her crate.

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It is possible the crate is too big for the dog. If the dog is pooping in the crate you may want to try using a divider till the dog is fully house trained. Also do not leave the dog in there for extended times. You need to start potty training from the beginning and teach her all over. Start with a good enzyme cleaner and wash everywhere the dog pooped or peed.

Take the dog outside potty every 30 minutes.
mark down on a paper when the dog potties.
After a week look at your paper and stop taking the dog out at times they never poop or pee. Take the dog out at the times you have marked down that the dog has pooped or peed. do not let the dog run free in the house until the dog is fully potty trained.

Do not let your dog have free access to food. feed at a specific time (I feed 2x a day), take the dog out after it wakes up, after it plays or if you see it sniffing and circling. If the dog has an accident it is your responsibility it means you are not watching the dog well enough.

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