Problems with a 1-year-old shih tzu I'm temporarily taking care of.

The dog's owner will be hospitalized for about a month. The first person to take the dog threw her out after a day, as did the 2nd. I'm willing to do it, but after a few days I'm at my wits end as well.

The dog is neither housebroken nor spayed and she's in heat. I am using a crate to try and crate train her, and dog diapers. I have 4 cats, which makes it all the more difficult as she will chase them. And I am disabled, so I am somewhat limited physically in what I can do.

She is hardly eating (I will try a flat plate tomorrow) and will not go potty in the yard where I put her on a long lead (I cannot walk her). She just stands and stares. I'll stay out with her for a good 1 1/2 hours & nothing. Then cry to go out after I take her in, and again just stare & do nothing. can't leave her out alone because she's in heat.

Please help!!! we both need to survive 3 weeks.

Asked by Member 1145029 on Dec 12th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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hello i have 3 shih tzus which are all house broken starts when their old is this dog?..she can be house broken but with time and patience ..keep her in crate training thats important..when you let her out bring her right outside ..i know its double hard because shes in heat..if she dosent go outside ..put her right back into crate..keep doing this untill she dose do her duty outside then when you let her in dont put her back in crate and praise her alot..shes probably confused and scared as well as being thrown out of all these sad...give her lots of love she really needs the support system right now...good luck and time does go fast ..your doing your friend a great favor....

tessa answered on 12/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer