Potty training my 5 month old chihuahua

I have a chihuahua that is 5 months old. I have read lots of posts and websites about training but I'm running into a few problems, so I was hoping to get suggestions!!

I can't crate train him, because he is too little (3.5 lbs) and too young to hold it the whole time I'm at work- I would love to be home with him and my other dog all day but unfortunately that's not an option. I tried putting up a baby gate with him in the bathroom area, which was plenty big for him... I put his bed, food, water, and a potty pad in there for him and that seemed to work okay, but somehow the little guy managed to jump the gate. I have to keep food out for him cuz the vet says he needs to have a constant supply of food. So now I put Bailey inside the bathroom (so he doesn't eat the puppy's food) and put the food and water out in my bedroom with the potty pad. He often misses the potty pad. I just don't know what to do :-(

Asked by Colby on Jun 5th 2008 Tagged training, pottypads, puppy, chihuahua in Puppies
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Don't get frustarted with him, he just needs patience and time. He is only 5 months, so it may take him a couple of accidents before he fully gets it. When you see that he has gone elsewhere other than the pad, what do you do? He needs some kind of reinforcement when he doesn't used the puppy pad to let him know that that isn't right. Does he know the word "no"? When my Tiffy was potty training and she would go in the house, I would take her to the spot where she went, point at it and say no. She got it after about 3 accidents. Give Colby some time, he will get it eventually.

♥Tiffy♥ answered on Jun 5th.

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Miss Buddie

Chi's are notoriously hard to potty train. Been there and done that. You might want to try moving the pee pee pad to where he made his accident. Maybe he prefers that spot for some reason. Dogs tend to want to go in the same spot every time and perhaps he's just picked a different spot than you did.

The best advice I can give you is be consistent in however you choose to proceed. That's what will work in the end.

Chis are great dogs and soooo sweet. Good luck!

Miss Buddie answered on 6/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Okay first of all, Chi's are known to be a very difficult to train. Second of all I firmly believe age and size have nothing to do with how long they can hold. The dog will hold it if they want to, (and most dog won't go where they sleep such as a crate) From 9 weeks old Zack was sleeping through the night in his crate no accidents (he was 4 pounds at the time) slept from 11pm until 6am-6:30am. I still think crating is the best way to go. That way when you are gone the dog stays out of trouble and doesn't have accidents. Now I will say my parents dog is 5 years old and still can't hold it more than 2-3 hours (but then again she was never given the chance to hold it) I would recommend trying to crate train the dog. It is really effective and then I've seen it sooner that they could stay out by themselves.

Member 570392 answered on 6/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer