post teeth extraction with tramal 20mg on my 12 yo maltese

My 12 yo maltese had all her teeth extracted two days ago. And was discharged from vet yesterday afternoon. Vet advised she's been on tramal 20mg for pain relief and gave me to continue at home (half morning and evening).
She was whining a lot and also growled here and there when I patted her once home. Her whining didn't reduce by much after eating her dinner with tramal (i crashed it on to her meal and she only ate half) and she had occasional spasm/Twitch but soon fell asleep after coming back from emergency (was worried with her breathing but they said no life threatening)
This morning, I gave her brekky but WITHOUT tramal. She seems like she's not in much pain and I'm not really keen on feeding her drugs more than necessary. But, she had all her teeth extracted (not many were left pre-op though) and only been about two days since surgery should I be continuing to give her Tramal? Or better to stop around now? Can't be sure on how much pain she's in but she's sleeping now.HELP PLZ

Asked by Shinji on Jul 10th 2012 in Medications
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This is a better question to be answered by a health professional. I never gave my dog his pain meds when he had a tumor extracted because he did not show much signs that he was in pain. I asked my vet and he told me that it was up to me and if he wasn't in pain, then it won't hurt him to skip the meds. It your medicine is ALSO used to keep down any infection, I would continue using it.

Call your vet's office, and ask to speak to the vet and not the tech's. If you don't want to pay for an office visit, make a phone appointment and consult with your vet your worries.

Javi answered on Jul 15th.

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