Pomeranian with dry, flakey skin followed by skin turning black. What could this be?

My 3 1/2 year old neutered male Pomerianian, Harry, started to get dry flakey skin on his sides along with more summer hair loss than normal about 2 or 3 months ago. The vet tested his thyroid levels, which were normal, then diagnosed him as having some kind of bacteria. He prescribed an antibiotic (Simplicef) and a shampoo (NuSal T). During this treatment Harry's skin turned a dark gray/black color on his sides, tail, and rear but his hair started to grow back in. I took him back in and the vet diagnosed Black Skin Disease. As far as I can tell, Black Skin Disease doesn't account for the flakey skin, and so far Harry has no signs of hair loss. He is currently taking 3mg of Melatonin a day, but is there anything else I can do to help him?

Asked by Harry on Sep 25th 2008 Tagged pomeranian, skin, blackskin in Skin Problems
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Hi, I went through hell and back with that with my little Samantha, I took her everywhere and they couldn't tell me what to do, then I met a man getting on a plane that noticed Sammie's skin, he told me to give her Melatonin and it would clear up, well within 1 month her coat was coming back like new puppy hair and he skin changed back to pink.. It was a miracle. I bought her the liquid melatonin and gave it to her before bed since the only side effect is sleepiness. It was .04 ml per pound.

Good luck I hope it works for you like it did for us...

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...First Off.., I Never Trust Doctors Opinions Because of the Fact That They Have Misdiagnosed Me Many Times and Almost Caused Me to Die... That Being Said.., Vets are Even Worse... I CAN Help You With the Flakey Skin Because My Pom Had This Bad Because His Previous Owners Where Morons... First of All.., NEVER Use a Collar on This Breed of Dog... Not for Walking and Not Ever.., it Can Cause Collapsed Trachea... As for the Skin Flaking.., I Gave My Pom an Omega-3/6 Supplement for Dogs as Well as Using an Oatmeal Shampoo and an Oatmeal Conditioner Enhanced With Vitamins... A Dog's Coat is 20% Zinc... And I Have Read That Dryness, Flaking, Irritation, etc... is Caused By Zinc Deficentcy... When I Began Treatment on My Pom.., His Coat Was Grossly Dry and Such... 2 Weeks Later.., He Has the Shine of a Cat and You Can Feel the Natural Oils on His Coat Now... Most Doctors are Like Vultures.., All They Want is Money... My Vet Does Things Pro-Bono if You Can't Afford Treatment... He is the BEST

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