Please, please I need help!!! I have a German Shephard/Chow mix that we adopted when she was 4 - we've had her just ove

I need help with my German Shephard/Chow mix. She barks at anything that comes near the front of my house - especially if someone comes to the front door, even my husband and kids! My husband is at his wits end and has been getting angry at her when she won't stop - how do I train her!!??

Asked by Member 907460 on Aug 18th 2010 Tagged protectivebarking, barking, cantcontrolbarking, tooprotective in Barking
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Well, there are numerous reasons that dogs bark. Maybe she is anxious? And Germans are considered more of a guard dog - it's not uncommon for them to bark in order to protect their home. But of course, this does not mean that you should allow excessive barking. Maybe she is just over excited? Try exercising her more, releasing some pent up energy. That way she won't react so strongly. Of course, without knowing WHY she is barking makes answering this difficult, but I hope you find the answer!

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Oh boy...It's another Pepper!
Pepper is about 1/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Chow, 1/4 Golden and the rest just mutt. She is always on high alert. If I close an outside door she barks and sets the other 2 dogs off too. It's part of the protective nature of Chow & GSD.

The way to stop it is: Go to the dog, stand between them and the door and send ( as in herd or block them from the door area) them away.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER yell! The dog thinks you are joining her while she barks!

Keep calm, don't get upset or annoyed. The dog will know how you feel, but will think it's the person behind the door that caused the feelings, rather than her behavior.

Practice - even if you have to set her up to get her going. If you're going to set her up, you can have a leash on her and take her to her bed or where ever you want her to go.

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Gsds will alert/bark; it's their nature. You can teach a quiet/no noise cue. Start by praising, marking, & treating her when she is quiet. Even if you wake her up to treat & say *good quiet. Keep this up for awhile, then cue her when she barks. Mark & treat as soon as she is quiet, even if she barks again. Repeat again & again. This takes time to achieve. I acknowledge what my dogs bark at "I see that (insert thing here). Good boys, No Noise!" It took a few months, but now they pipe down. Outside they are allowed 3 barks at the fenceline, then I recall them to the house & give them a treat for coming. Have patience, she can learn. Pmail if you need more info.

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depends on the dog personality how you train her. I would go to an akc club to learn how to obedience 101 train her. That is the best start.
also you just got her so you have to slowly start bonding now. if she is misbehaving you introduce the crate, read books on how. Then when she bolts to that door you leash her. She is not allowed to misbehave. She goes to the crate. I really encourage you to seek out an obedience school. It will help you with this issue. Once the obedience is there then you train her to not bolt to the door. If she is not spayed yet, do so. She must learn house manners and it is time to slowly train her it will take alot of patience, but I know you can do it.
Most dogs will try to guard houses. The shepherd is a guard dog in nature but they are also highly intellent and learn fast. They are very well mannered when trained properly. Like any dog dogs, bark. Some bark more then others. That's what I mean about personality. :) My old dog barked til it drove me nuts

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