Please calm me down!! My dog hasn't pooped since yesterday!

My dog coco ingested pieces [little pieces] of a 3lb weight I had and was very sick yesterday. He threw up yesterday morning and after I had him treated he pooped at the vets office outside. They told me to get some Gas X tablets and mineral oil to give him and I have given him both and as of today he is still very alert and eating and drinking and resting comfortably but he hasn't pooped yet. I am stressed because I don't know if I should just give it a few days or take him in because I don't have any way of getting him to the vet or anymore $$$. Since he is eating and drinking and alert those are good signs; is it possible that it is going to take a few days for him to pass those pieces in his poop? they weren't big I saw them on the X-ray they were slender and about the size of a toothpick but without the sharp ends. PLEASE CALM MY NERVES!!! WILL HE EVENTUALLY PASS THEM?!?!!

Asked by COCO on Dec 5th 2010 in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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No guarantee if he will pass them or not, BUT... this amount of time without a bowel movement is perfectly normal!! Especially normal since, as you say, he vomited his meal yesterday and therefore has nothing further down in his bowels to come out as poop. It is not at all unusual for dogs to go 48 hours or even more and be perfectly normal.
When I take my dogs to shows for a long 3 day weekend it is not unusual for them to not have a bowel movement until they are back home on Sunday night. They are perfectly fine from holding it that long.

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In my answer to your first question, I suggested you didn't need to take quick action. I have been very fortunate that none of our dogs needed medical attention for any of their chewing misadventures. And there have been plenty of them. We have had at least one young Lab in the house most of the last 20 years, and Tux was a golden, perhaps even worse. Again, I suggest doing nothing but keeping an eye on him unless told by a vet.

It is quite possible he will pass it on his own in a few days. I wonder if there is more than the small pieces that showed up on the X-Ray? Could he have eaten anything else? Look around for more damaged things.

Tux ate a heavy wool sock not once but twice. I never knew it until I was cleaning up the yard. He passed them with no problem. The results vary greatly. The young lady that showed him in 4-H lost a Golden to eating a sock. Watch, hope for the best, but don't do anything to make it worse. These things vary, and what at least did no harm to somebody else's dog could kill yours.

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