Pet recovery services using microchips?

Which ones are the best? My dog is microchipped, and I want to register her chip with a good recovery service. HomeAgain charges $15 a year, are they worth it? What service do you use, and why? I really want to know what my options are. Thank you! :D

Asked by Holly on Apr 16th 2009 Tagged microchip, microchips, homeagain, petwatch, petrecovery, petrecoveryservice, petservice, service in I.D. Tags & Microchips
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Best Answer

Max (aka Sebastian)

I registered with 24petwatch.com
it is free.
I was also thinking about getting the Red Cross tag.
Rufus is chipped but it was done out of state with the rescue that had him, so I am sure my local area does not use the same type of chip, or equipment to read it, therefore the chip is useless, making the register useless for me as well, that's why I went with a free service.

Max (aka Sebastian) answered on Apr 17th.

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