personality change in 12 yo SBT

Our SBT (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) has started acting VERY strange in the last 3 weeks. We have had him since he was 6 mons. old. He is (as all SBTs are) a very loving and sweet dog. BUT, he has started avoiding us, spends almost all of his time in the backyard digging and we think its like he's trying to escape.. When he is in the house, he is trying to get into the strangest "dark" places--going thru the bottom shelf of a plant stand to get to the patio door; opening our closet door w/his nose & climbing as far back into it he can. He is still loving (when he lets us pet him) and enjoys being petted for short times--used to be we couldn't get rid of him. :-)
We did have to have his companion of 10 years put down over 2 months ago. This all started 3 weeks ago. We absolutely can't figure out what is going on w/him. He's still eating and w/the digging almost more active than usual. I've had many, many dogs & none have acted like Sherman.

Asked by Sherman on Feb 13th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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All dogs have what's called Pack Drive and it will be very HIGH in ALPHA dogs and SOLID nerves is what good BREEDERS should look for.Sherman doesn't know what to do his companion(12Y)is gone and if his is like a big brother your SBT thinks him as a PACK LEADER and now will be very NERVOUS ans a PACK LEADER must have SOLID NERVES and most dogs have weak nerves and a PACK LEADER of wild animals cannot be nervous as most dogs hate being nervous and all dogs expect to get corrected by the ALPHA DOG and humans don't correct at the right time and will confuse the dog more.People get RESCUE DOGS and say they need lots of LOVE and TOYS or even another DOG.WRONG just like your SBT they are looking for a PACK LEADER and only that will stop them being nervous and a nervous dog is dangerous dog.Dogs want to please their PACK LEADER you need to be the PACK LEADER and NEVER BE CRULE AND NEVER PUNISH YOUR DOG.A dog kennel is a must,3 minutes grooming a day isn't much,feed same time everday is good

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The above answer is total hogwash & has no basis in science.
Your first step would be to take him to the vet for a complete senior check-up. Include thyroid, CBC, SNAP. An unusual, sudden behavior change frequently has roots in a physical issue.

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I agree with Wiley -- any sudden behavior changes, especially in a senior, should be looked at by a vet first to rule out any physical problems that may be the root. Barring that, a combination of life without his longtime companion and just plain old aging could be the culprit. I know my parents' last collie definitely started doing different things he had never done before and doing a lot of "senile" things -- signs of dementia and the sort.

Kolbe answered on 2/14/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer