pekingese/chow dog growls and snaps at owners

my pekingese/chow dog is aggressive,now he wants to bite his master and when he thinks he's gonna get hurt by another person

Asked by Member 848943 on Jun 24th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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Unfortunately, you haven't given us enough detail to help you. What are the circumstances? What do you do when this happens? How long have you had the dog? How old is the dog? Has he always been this way or is it a new development? And what exactly is the question?

Rusty answered on 6/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi there,

This is impossible to answer without meeting the dog and knowing more details, but it sounds like fear aggression, and your best action would be to consult with a trainer/behaviorist who uses humane methods to modify this behavior. Here is a link to my trainer's website, where you can find an article on how to find a reputable trainer:

Is this a newly adopted dog? If not, is there anything in his environment that has changed recently? Does he get enough exercise? Has he seen the vet lately? (Sometimes growling and snapping are based in physical pain or discomfort.)

While you're looking for the right trainer, take a look at The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. She is a behaviorist who specializes in animal communication and aggression, and the photos and descriptions in her book will help you understand what your dog is "saying" to you, as well as how to "talk" to him effectively. Good luck!

Katie answered on 6/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer